Inkka is confirmed pregnant by Maxi van de Boarebreker.



All dogs we use for breeding have a DNA certificate


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Maxi van de boarebreker.

Owner : Jarmilla pallot. Maxi has obtained his socialisation test and will be competing in IPO(RCI) in 2015. It is a team of world class. Youngest dog in competition RCI World Championship FMBB in Pisek Tsjechia. A 84 B 86 C85. Good job.

  • Maxi

    Lizzy van de Boarebreker.

    owner: Els Van Geyseghem. Lizzy past for her social test.

  • Lizzy

    Lotus van de Boarebreker.

    owner: Isabel Duyck.Lotus is a moviestar. She will appear in a Flemisch realitysoap about the first world war named Flanders Fields. She also passed her social test.

  • Lotus

    Lobke van de Boarebreker.

    owner: Els Schelfhout.Lobke is a social housedog and loves her best human friend Emile so much.

  • Lobke

    Lupus van de Boarebreker.

    owner: Christophe Rogier.Lupus is in training in Aalst. He is best mates with the other Malinois in the house.

  • Lupus
  • Loco van de Boarebreker.

    Owner:Lexharde Jean-marie. Loco is a securitydog.

  • Loco

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