Inkka is confirmed pregnant by Maxi van de Boarebreker.



All dogs we use for breeding have a DNA certificate

Inkka van de duvetorre

Inkka van de duvetorre is a daughter from G'string van de duvetorre and will replace her mother in the breedingprogram. She is a social dog with the same workingdrive and bite as her mother. Her father is Gitan van de duvetorre. Inkka became Belgian champion Belgian Shepherds mondioring Category 1 2014 with 196/200. Inkka came 13th in World championships FMBB in Tuusula Finland. Belgian champion Belgian shepherds  in 2016 with  352/400 points.

inkka Belgisch kampioen


Picachew is a daughter from Inkka and on a beautycontest received a "good" in Kortrijk on the 18/11/2017 and so has received her breedingcertificate . She has been xrayed and has  hips B en  ellebow O. norbergfactor left 102 en right 100. Picachew shall stay for breeding. Her ability to change from high drive to low drive is phenomenal.


Hera van de utadreef

heraHera is now retired and staying with her handler Lisa Decroix. Where she is pampered to bits. she also got a "good" on the breedspecial Beauty in Gerpinnes Belgium.

G'String van de duvetorre.

String vice kampioenG'string van de duvetorre just called String by us is the newest member of my team. she was bought because i wanted a dog to train and compete with rightaway. G'string passed her first test (bh) on 20/11/2010 te Kynologische vereniging De Pinte.G'string van de duvetorre has competed in Ghp 1 on the 13/03/2011 at Koekelare 79-86-86.G'string was sterilised on the 10/7/11after an uterusinfection. Gstring was runnerup on the Belgian championships Belgian shepherd mondioring Category 1 2014 with 186/200. Gstring got fourth place on the world championships FMBB 2014 in Tuusula Finland with 189/200. Gstring has  sadly passed away. She was the best bitch I ever had with her character. I will always love you my darling.