Inkka is confirmed pregnant by Maxi van de Boarebreker.



All dogs we use for breeding have a DNA certificate

Welcome at van de boarebreker.

My name is Beschuyt Steve, I have been working with dogs all my life, mostly with Belgian shepherds subtype Malinois. That is why I now have started to breed with them. The Malinois from my kennel are chosen from the best bloodlines in Belgium. We breed them on different criteria the will to work, play and guardingskills but also their social behavior with kids,master,family and friends.

The Malinois.

The malinois is especially known for their will to work, intelligence,courage,determination and etc.

The malinois is a loyal, proud and a multipurpose dog. That is why he is often used by military,police and securityforces. He is mostly used as an guard or patroldog.But he also has great tracking skills and has been succesfull in the areas of drugcontrol, tracking people and even as a rescuedog. In certain cases he can be dominant and needs an experianced leader and is not a dog for first owners. But with an experianced leader you can bring the quality of this breed out and you will have a dog that has no equal on many criteria. I think the malinois is one of the most underappreciated dogs in the world but that being said times are changing.
He can live in the house but can also live outside in a kennel with shelter. For the malinois the master is the most important thing on earth.

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